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A lot has changed within my life since my last journal, but I won't get into any of that here, since I've addressed it plenty of times elsewhere. I've decided to start posting up all the Aberrant Affinity pages that I've done here, as I start to change around my website, so they won't be lost forever and anyone that wants to read or reread Aberrant Affinity will be able to do so here.

I'll be streamlining my comicgenesis site in the next few weeks, and I'm still proud of the work that I did with Caleb. It'll become a one comic website for the indefinite future. I plan to update Aberrant Affinity here (since this space doesn't get updated... like ever), whenever I feel like I can start returning to drawing that comic and all the things that come with drawing that comic.

That's about it, and I'll begin with uploading the first batch of updates that I did, and going chronologically from there. So, if you're new, you should be able to read the rest on the IU website, or you can wait for more updates here.
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The semester wrapped up, and I'm going through the last of my finals. One of which I should be studying for right now, but breaks are sometimes needed.

Anyway, it's been awhile since my last update, so I threw up two images. Both relating to my webcomic endeavors. I'll try to post a bit more frequently through the month of December, since my November was bit non-existent due to school related activities.
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As sorta noted by my last drawing uploaded, I think I'll start focusing on mostly doing superhero/fan art for awhile. Seeing as I read a ton of comics on a monthly basis, I pretty much avoided attempting to drawing anything related to those books, but I figure it's about time to test the waters.

I've got a bunch more drawings at the various pencil stages, so I need to get around to inking, scanning, and posting them. I should have something new up by Friday-ish.

<3 Caybo.
While I'm back at school and doing the toil there, I've managed to keep steadily updating my webcomic and posting up an image or two here every so often. My webcomic just hit the 200 page marker, so I'm really pumped to be back into the swing of doing that regularly.

I'll keep making that my priority for the time being, and working like a machine. If I get around to it, I might post up some of my fine art stuff as it's a lot different than my comic stuff. Though, for the most part the artwork isn't very scanner friendly, so we'll see if I dust off my digital camera.

<3 Caybo.
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This is my first journal, so I'll cover the basics. I'm a senior at the University of Tennessee going for my BFA in drawing. I spend entirely too much time drawing, writing, and reading, things of a graphic nature.

I'll be trying to update this place with various drawings, most likely pinups and the like with some scattered designs and covers from my webcomic.

I'm open to commissions, some art swapping, etc. You can contact me through my webcomic's site, or just post in response to the journals, and I should get back to you in a somewhat timely manner. :P

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